A preview of stills from two animation projects from the last 2 years.

"A Limited Time Offer in the Life of J.A. Golden" is a 15 minute "opera" in four acts, examining the themes of aging, nostalgia, and capital. As an old man looks back on his youth and his brief career as a figure skater, he receives a credit card offer in the mail that promises rewards in the form of time; with each use of the card the man becomes increasingly younger. Find statement HERE Watch teaser HERE


"Mad" is a 3 minute and 30 second stop-motion musical vignette examining labor, power, fame and isolation. A mad scientist remotely builds a robotic creature when a strange world is revealed within the robot itself. This piece was commissioned as a response to the song “Drop the World,” by Lil Wayne and Eminem.

Many of these stills are part of a series of digital c- prints. Each is 20" x 30"